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The Partaking of His Sufferings
If you have been going through a difficult season in your life, you have to hear this word!   Watch the full preaching here.
What is Yom Kippur?
Do you know the significance of Yom Kippur? Should we celebrate it as Christians? In this preaching by Apostle Frank you will learn the meaning of the feast Yom Kippur and what it signifies in the spirit. Learn about the day of atonement and share this teaching with someone.   Watch the full preaching here.
Your Praise is a Weapon
Did you know that your praise and worship are a weapons in the spirit? God is teaching us in this season to strive for our breakthroughs. Striving doesn’t only look like prayer and intercession but it looks like a church that is praising and worshipping in the midst of crisis. Learn about the power of […]
The Power of the Plow
At times we feel like we are in sin or have an open door when we feel resistance in life and in the spirit. But what if we told you, your struggles mean your breakthrough is near. All you have to do is plow through! God told Moses to hide behind a hard place (a […]
The Highest Calling
Many people believe that the highest calling is to sit in one of the five offices of ministry or to be the best entrepreneur or business man/woman and though those are amazing callings that’s not our highest calling. Find out what’s the highest calling God has given us in this powerful teaching by Bishop Bill […]
The Importance of Watchmen
When you are watching it means you are praying and you are perceiving what is happening in the spirit. You must watch so you know when there is a plan of the enemy and pray.   Watch the full preaching here.
Why Does God Allow Trials?
This pandemic wasn’t meant to destroy you. Sometimes we ask ourselves “why is God allowing this trial?” or “why did God cause this trial?”   If you only knew God wants the best for you. He doesn’t cause harm to come upon us but if He is allowing a trial or in this case a […]
Why Has The Warfare Intensified?
Have you asked why are things intensifying? Why are the trials intensifying? There’s a reason for everything!   Watch this preaching and be empowered to persevere because God is about to intensify your blessings and breakthrough.   Watch more preachings here.
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